NOTE: A small number of hànzì in these texts require a font that supports Unicode's CJK Ideographs Extension B. If you are in Windows Vista or later, you should have no problem. In Mac OS X, you will need to install a font for this, such as Simsun (Founder Extended). [Download: 20.8 MB]

Historical Documents

  • Wūtái shīàn《烏臺詩案》[Text] [Notes]

Texts on Art

  • Xuānhé huàpǔ《宣和畫譜》[Text] [Notes]
  • Xuānhé shūpǔ《宣和書譜》[Text] [Notes]
  • Mǐ Fú 米芾, Huàshǐ《畫史》[Text] [Notes]
  • Mǐ Fú 米芾, Shūshǐ《書史》[Text] [Notes]