With apologies to Lothar Ledderose.

My most recent course was Art and History in Modern China in Spring 2017 at Sacred Heart University.

I've added a small essay on Reforming Pinyin. This is me tilting at widndmills, a result of grappling with Pinyin's deficiencies as a means of introducing Standard Chinese phonetics. Someone who has studied my reformed system will be able to do the conversions in their head: [1] Pinyin -ong is changed to -ung. [2] ju-, qu-, xu-, and yu- are changed to jü-, qü-, xü-, and yü-. [3] -iong is changed -üng. [4] -ui is changed to -uei (wei) and -iu is changed to -iou (you). That's it!

Beyond my professional life, I am the principal author and editor of two Apple Macintosh-related web sites: Chinese Mac and Macintosh before System 7.